Millie Switzer

With Halloween just around the corner and all the scary decorations starting to come out, I wanted to give my top three movie recommendations for Halloween 2022. 


Starting strong at No. 1 is the newest movie from the “Halloween” series, “Halloween Ends.” Michael Meyers returns strong as ever and once again faces his enemy Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie is the 13th in the series, and we all know that 13 is not a very happy number. Being the 13th movie, I wonder if it is the end of the series and whether we will finally see Michael Meyers die.  


Coming in second is “Hocus Pocus 2.” A classic continuation of the original “Hocus Pocus,” the film is full of exciting childhood flashbacks as the Sanderson sisters strike back for revenge. If you have not seen the first movie yet, I strongly recommend you watch it before watching the sequel. This movie series is much more laid back on the horror aspect, so I would strongly recommend this one if you want to watch a Halloween movie with a child or younger sibling.


“Smile,” a Netflix film directed by Parker Finn, sits at No. 3. A therapist sees a patient who claims she has seen someone smiling at her and trying to kill her. The patient then dies suddenly in front of the therapist. Throughout the film, the therapist attempts to unravel the mystery behind the death while running from the same demons that first chased her patient. If you are into mysterious, suspenseful horror, this movie is the one for you. Netflix has been coming out with a lot of horror and thriller films recently, and this one is my favorite out of them all. The idea of a smile, something so happy, turning into a horror film is very creepy, making this movie so special.  


I hope these suggestions can give you some ideas on Halloween movies to watch as the spooky season comes to a close!  

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