When I lived in a college dorm my first year, I never ate frozen pizza due to having a small freezer and no oven. Towards the end of my first year, I moved into an apartment that came with an oven and a bigger freezer, so of course I went out and finally looked at the frozen pizza section at H-E-B. My parents would buy the square Totino’s pizzas and Digiorno; that was all I was used to. As I stood in the frozen pizza section, I started noticing just how many different frozen pizzas were available. With so many options to choose from, I thought to myself, “What is the overall best frozen pizza for its price?” That moment, I bought several different brands of pizza and flavors and brought them home. 


I did not eat all the pizzas consecutively as that seemed very unhealthy. Rather, I would bake and eat one frozen pizza a week, which is still not that healthy. After trying California Pizza Kitchen, Midtown Pizza, and Tombstone, I finally found the pizza I have been searching for. This pizza describes itself as, “A thick, crispy crust topped edge to edge with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, bacon and sausage.” For its price and taste, the three-meat deep dish pizza made by Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. is the overall best. 


I do want to point out that this pizza is extremely greasy, you can tell just by looking at it as it comes out of the oven. I found it surprising that the bottom crust was not soggy due to an abundant amount of grease. Instead, as the crust thawed and the meats expelled their flavor, it did soak into the bottom crust, but created a crispy, toasted layer that is strong enough to support its own weight. This Chicago-style pizza has a perfect balance of a crispy outer crust and soft inner crust. The crunchy texture of it paired well with the soft, doughy part of the inner crust, and the smooth texture of the stringy mozzarella cheese. The flavor of this pizza is balanced as well. With other competitors, I have noticed that there is always one flavor (of either the toppings, cheese, or crust) that seems like it fights its way to be the most dominant. With this deep-dish pizza, all the flavors don’t compete against each other; they only make friends and give you a great tasting experience.


Comparing the price of this pizza to the other brands I previously named, this is more expensive by around 45 cents. I do recommend this pizza because for less than seven dollars, you get a flavorful, nicely textured pizza that is fulfilling. 


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