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Howdy Ram Fam and coffee lovers alike, how are we feeling today? With Fall having arrived I know the seasonal colds are upon us like ghosts in the night and so a nice hot cup of coffee might take the chill away. Today I recommend trying the hot Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks or even a cup of homemade coffee with a splash of your favorite creamer and this magical ingredient called sweet cream foam with caramel drizzle over the top ( Both of which can be found in HEB).


Have you ever sat down to complete an important task and then found yourself washing the dishes or digging deep into the YouTube rabbit hole? Today let us talk about procrastination! To be perfectly honest this episode was also put to the side for some time and I'm here to talk about why that is okay. No, I am not supporting procrastination every day all day but I am trying to remove the stigma of procrastination being commonly associated with shame or guilt. The feeling that the entire world is judging you and there is no escape from your “bad habit”. The truth of the matter is that some of the most successful people in the world procrastinate and yet remain at the top while there are still others who procrastinate and fail.  Why this is, is more closely related to negative emotions and how we choose to react to it rather than repeated bad habits. In fact, chronic procrastination is more closely related to perfectionists rather than those who are lazy. In cases such as these, Sirois, a psychology professor at the University of Sheffield in England, said that perfectionists should strive to understand that it’s OK if the completed task isn't perfect, and having that mindset will quiet anxiety that might otherwise lead to procrastination. Those who procrastinate often are found to have very clean and tidy rooms because the menial task of cleaning is less unpleasant than whatever other task needs to be done. In order to combat this one should try to focus on the pleasant outcome of the unpleasant task to replace the negative emotion with a more positive one. As well as avoiding trying to see too far down the road of the future since that is the recipe for procrastination.


The opposite of procrastination is motivation. Unfortunately, motivation is a lot harder to come by than procrastination so the question is how do we keep a hold of it and harness it? To some extent, motivation is very personal to the individual so what may work for one may not work for someone else.  Start by asking yourself what is the root of your demotivation?  It could be fear, setting the wrong goals, lack of clarity or blurry values, lack of challenge,  and burnout.


When you are facing fear it slows you down making you hesitant and more cautious and while this can be considered a good thing at times in this instance it could be rooted in an over-exaggeration of your imagination. Try facing your fear head-on and asking yourself what you are afraid of and if it is something that could really come true.


In today’s world, we are motivated by goal setting so much that it has almost become somewhat of a trend so it’s easy to get lost in everyone else’s goals that we think we should be setting for ourselves as well. Remind yourself of what is essential to you and what you want to accomplish for your own benefit.


If you lack clarity or have blurry values try straying from the familiar because sometimes this is caused by becoming too accustomed to what makes us comfortable so when faced with something new it is unfamiliar and unclear to us. Look to understand not only what you do not want but also specifically what you do so that you can familiarize yourself with that outcome and feel more comfortable in the journey to achieve that goal.


The lacking of the challenge is not as common, since fear is created from too large of a challenge but if the challenge is too small it is easy to grow bored of it so it may be time to re-evaluate the goals you are setting and try to make them more difficult, as the saying goes if you shoot for the moon and miss you will still land among the stars.


  Lastly and most commonly, burnout. This is when you have lost all your energy for your social life, professional life, and/or academic life because you have been pushing yourself past your limits and there is no more fuel to burn. Listen to yourself, if you need to sleep, sleep. The work will be there for you after. If you do put yourself first then it will be even harder to accomplish what is important to you in the long run. Life is a marathon not a sprint and even the greatest athletes need to rest and drink water before continuing.


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