Red Army

On Oct. 21 the Russian Enrichment Program invited Dr. Roger Reese, a history professor from Texas A&M, to give a public Russian history lecture titled "The Red Army 1918-1936” in hopes of getting the community more involved in the culture.


The event was sponsored by the Department of English and Modern Languages and the ASU Russian Club as told by Price Tarbet, the Russian Club President.


“We have a big initiative on trying to involve Angelo’s ethnically and linguistically diverse campus so part of our mission is to expose people to more Russian foods and language as well as having Russian history lectures and stuff like that,” Tarbet said.


This is not the first time the club has hosted Dr. Reese.


“He’s come here before and we really enjoyed him so we invited him back and it is wonderful to have a turn out that I think is the highest attendance we’ve had which was 65 and our max capacity was 70,” Tarbet said.


Even though it is one of the smaller language clubs on campus, the Russian Club still intends to make its mark. 


“We’re a pretty small club; a lot of our people involved are either history majors or people that are taking Russian. We're the only language to really be hosting events on campus but we are also the smallest language as far as numbers go, but we’re trying to make our impact and punch where we can,” Tarbet said. 


To accomplish these goals, the club has more events in the making.


“This spring we will be working with Goodfellow Air Force Base to throw a cultural fair on campus, so that's something to look out for,” Tarbet said.


Angelo State University, Russian Enrichment Program, Roger Reese, "The Red Army 1918-1936”

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