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Ram Radio has had a bit of radio silence since the beginning of the 2021 Fall semester, but now they are starting to pump out some new content. The main thing that Ram Radio does is conduct interviews with students, staff, or even business owners. With this job, sometimes there are many perks, including meeting prominent people of Angelo State University or in San Angelo.


Jacob Tucker, a senior and the manager of Ram Radio, said that he plans on getting the live remotes back on in the University Center and the University Recreational Center so students and staff have more opportunities for interviews. He also plans to set up live music events on the walkway on campus, “so that students can come up and play music live on the radio station.”


This gives students another opportunity to connect with Ram Radio as a whole.


Trent Fisher, the assistant manager of Ram Radio, said the main plans are to “interview many important people on campus as soon as possible… Overall we’re trying to get a boost in listeners this year.”  COVID-19 hasn't been good to Ram Radio but they still have some ideas for new content.


Jacob Hutton and Rodrigo Fernandez, both sophomores, have new show ideas, two that you might see this semester. One is about True Crime and the other is about Friday Night Football. 


Jacob Hutton said his True Crime will be about “interesting stories within the criminal system.” Rodrigo Fernandez’s Friday Night Football will be about game predictions and their opinions.  Fernandez's goal for some of his shows is to add more diversity in language and speaking in Spanish for some of his shows.

Hutton says Ram Radio is one of the organizations on campus that give students a safe space to speak and give their opinions on topics. You can be on the lookout for ram radio on campus; you can also stop by Ram Radio on the third floor of the library to have an interview about certain topics or if you feel a need to express yourself.


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