Alpha Sigma Phi Letters

“To Better the Man'' is the motto the Alpha Sigs live by, but who are they you may ask? The Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity was first established in 1945, and Angelo States recently instituted their very own Alpha Sig chapter in November of 2019. Their vision is simple: to Better the World through Better Men.


The Alpha Sig’s mission explains their vision: to provide values-driven brotherhood experiences through life. These values include and are instrumental to one’s character, such as silence, charity, purity, honor and patriotism.


Former Recruitment chair member Xavier Johnson believes a person's environment is beneficial to personal development. “I joined Alpha Sig because everyone inside of the fraternity has their own goals and dreams, and we get along while also trying to help each other grow,” Johnson said. “Everyone in the chapter loves to spend time together and it’s never a dull moment around any of our guys.” 


ASU is home to many fraternities, and Alpha Sigma Phi is now one of them.


On Oct. 1, as Alpha Sig’s journey grew over time and throughout campus, they officially began their first milestone by completing their chart ceremony.


A chart ceremony is when a chapter is set in stone and the foundation of all the founding fathers is put before them.


At the ceremony, representatives from all over came to give awards and announce other alumni from the fraternity; even the Grand Chapter Advisor as well as current and former presidents came to show their support.




Chris, a current member of the Alpha Sig fraternity, has a passion for this newfound brotherhood.


“I’ve been a part of Alpha Sig for three and a half years now,” Chris said. “My first year I spent alone in my dorms not really attempting to build any true connections except for three friends. I’ve been serving as the Vice President for 2 years now and it has helped me figure out what I am capable of and the narrow path I need to take in my life after college, and I even met some really cool homies from all walks of life.”


If you want to share a burning passion for growth talk to a current Alpha Sig for some upcoming details.


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