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Angelo State is currently presenting “Static,” a public art exhibit by sculptor Andrew Bellatti Green, in the Carr Education-Fine Arts Building's Gallery 193. The exhibit will continue to be displayed through Oct. 29.


“Stated briefly, the faculty views this venue as an educational gallery,” John Vinklarek, an art professor on campus, said. “We present material that is relevant to the kind of projects underway in the classes. The concerns are compositional, dealing with the question ‘What makes an image work?’ We provide a variety of approaches that struggle with aesthetics and don't try to go over their heads in dealing with the conceptual quite so much.” 


The artwork was created based on the ideas of the relationship between physics and life itself, as stated in a statement by the artist. 


“As we experience the world, we develop an implicit understanding of the physical laws by which we are bound. It is through these shared laws that this work connects with the viewer at a level below the threshold of consciousness,” Green said.


The artist also touched on the concept of beauty and his views of the idea applied to his art.


“Beauty is considered a subjective term, but the more I think about and explore it I don’t really feel like it’s that subjective.” Green said. “I’m not looking to define what beauty is, I’m more looking for how I can more readily discover it and recognize it.”


Green covered other notions that he kept in mind when creating and planning his different works.


“One of the things I’m grappling with is the back and forth between intuition and logic. I think that where I try to push myself is to balance back and forth between these two things... We can’t be so in love with the logic we assign that we don’t step back and intuitively respond to it,” Green said.


The exhibit explores different forces and brings them all together into a blended piece of art. 


“To be in the presence of harmony, symmetry and balance is ineffably moving— perhaps due to the exhibition of an ideal, perhaps due to the vulnerability of that ideal. The work collected for this show is interested in the static display of dynamic forces. It's about potential energy, stable instability and elegant friction," Green said.


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