Wow. It’s really been a whole year since the last Thanksgiving article, hasn’t it? Well, time has passed and people have come and gone, but the Ram Page still remains. Since we last told you all what we’re thankful for, we’ve seen good friends and great writers move on to greener pastures and witnessed new, promising people step in to take their place. Just as the leaves change from green to beautiful shades of yellow and orange in the fall, so has the Ram Page changed.


With this in mind, we wanted to start this off right and say we’re thankful for you, reader. Without your support, this student organization would have fallen apart or slipped into irrelevancy ages ago. We hate to sound cliché, but you are the lifeblood of this newspaper, and for that, we’re beyond thankful and even more blessed to share some of the reasons we are thankful this holiday season. 

“Going into Thanksgiving this year, I am grateful for people to love and who love me. Life can be rough, but the people in it are what make the bright things brighter and the happier things happier. I’m thankful for health and the ability to survive whatever illness is currently making its rounds all about the Angelo State population, and I’m even more thankful for those who work to keep our school healthy and help when that health is slipping. Overall, I am grateful for the beauty found in this world’s most intricate simplicity. The sun shining through the leaves of trees, the wind weaving in and out of the strangers walking next to me on campus and my little sister laughing. I hope you all make some memories to cherish over this Thanksgiving break, and may all your thanks be giving.” 

                                    - Jade Marty, Staff Writer and Photographer

“This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for being able to come home, getting to spend time with all the new friends I have made, having an amazing boyfriend, and eating all the wonderful food at Thanksgiving. I moved nine hours away from home and was not expecting to have a sense of home like I do. This is my first semester of college, and it has been very stressful. These people and everything I can do have helped me so much. 


“The friends I have made at ASU are caring, sweet and supportive. My boyfriend, David, has brought a new sense of happiness into my life, and I could not be more thankful to have him. Being home this Thanksgiving, I am so thankful because I have not been home in four months. I’m so grateful to have a home-cooked meal because I have not had one in four months, and they taste so good. 


“Thanksgiving is a holiday to be thankful for what you have in your life. I am thankful to have a life surrounded by all my favorite foods and people. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and can find things to be thankful for as well.”

                                                     - Millie Switzer, Staff Writer

“There are a lot of things to be thankful for, and I have a few to share. I’m thankful for my family, which has been by my side since day one. I’m thankful for my friends who help me pass my classes and make college a little less stressful. I’m thankful for K, who chose to love me despite my flaws and be the first boyfriend I’ve ever had. I’m thankful for the Ram Page for keeping my love for writing alive. I’m thankful for a roof over my head and a community that loves and supports me through this crazy life.  


“All these people and things keep me sane and deserve to know my gratitude. I don’t thank them often, but they should know I appreciate the adventures we have had and cannot wait to make many more memories for years and years to come.”

                                              - Robin Franklin, Sports Writer

“What am I thankful for? I have so much to be grateful for, but two people stick out to me the most. They’ve been in my corner since I can remember, and no matter what, they will always be there for me. These two have helped me through multiple sport-related injuries, sicknesses and even a couple of car wrecks. Nothing has stopped these two from loving me. They watched me play in band concerts and followed me to all my football games. They’ve taught me how to have integrity and treat others with kindness and respect. They’re my parents, and I am so thankful for them.


“I am thankful for Sadie, my golden retriever. The best thing about her is that she will always be excited to see you, no matter what kind of day you are having. She loves watching movies and taking all of the room on the couch. You have to let her win in tug of war sometimes, or else she will start barking at you and demand treats. She loves long walks and even longer naps, but I am amazed at how excited a single creature can get over a bright yellow tennis ball. Sadie is a true member of the family, and I love the joy she brings us.”

                                                                - Luke Shinkle, Photographer

“This Thanksgiving, I’ve been more thankful than ever for my community and support system. It is so important to have people in your corner that will uplift and empower you, and I’m grateful to say I have the best group of people surrounding me. 

“My family would do anything for me and have been so supportive, especially this year. I can see how happy they are when I come home and how loved I feel around them. Being able to see them every day is something I won’t take for granted again. 

“My friends are some of the best people I’ve ever met and have the kindest hearts. They’ve been there when I’m stressed with school, need a good laugh or have good news to share. Their generosity is something I strive to attain, and I’m so thankful to call them my besties. 

“This year has been tough for many, but I know I’ll be okay because of the people I have on my side. I can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with them.”

                                      - Emma Phillips, Photographer


“I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. For one, I’m thankful for my unique name that makes the computer think I don’t know how to spell ‘graceless’ correctly. 

At the Ram Page, I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my passion for art. I am also thankful for my supportive family, which has encouraged me throughout my time at ASU. When the semesters get difficult, I am grateful for all the enemies that enrage me to put more effort into my studies. Along with them, I am thankful for the professors and friends I have met during my time at this university. Without every person who has come into my life, I could not be the friend, student and worker I am now. So for this Thanksgiving, I am thinking of all the people and opportunities I have met with this year.”

                                          - Gracielle Velasco, Graphic Designer

“I’m thankful to my friends and family for their support in my endeavors. I am also thankful for the opportunities this job has provided in such a short time.  However, above all else, I am thankful for grace. Recently, I have rediscovered how underappreciated virtue is in our fast-paced society. I’ll give you an example. While you may need something from someone, whether it be an important article for a newspaper or an assignment that is due, some circumstances cannot be avoided. This is where grace comes in. At this point, your professor or co-editors-in-chief offer grace in the form of an extension so that you can finish the assignment. I believe that grace is what I am most thankful for.

“Finally, I’d like to leave you with a quote from George Washington’s First Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789: ‘Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favors … ’”

                                  - Ethan Purcell, Online Editor and Staff Writer

“I’m thankful for the friends and family who have stuck by me all time. I don’t know who I would be without them, and there are few words I could ever truly say to express my gratitude toward them. I’m also grateful for my church, as the loving people there have helped keep me on the straight and narrow. Lastly, I’m thankful for life’s challenges and obstacles. Though I loathed them whenever I had to deal with them - I suspect all of us have with our own - I know their hardships have strengthened my resolve in a way few things can. Thank you all, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!”

                        - Aaron McGuire, Co-Editor-In-Chief and Copy Editor

“I was not on staff when last year’s article was written. I was still the ‘unofficial, official intern.’ I have a great sense of gratitude after seeing this process unfold from the sidelines, knowing that I am in the positions I am in not only in this organization but also in Ram Media as a whole. Serving as the co-editor-in-chief, lead sports writer and sports editor for the Ram Page and as an assistant director for Ram TV is truly a blessing I would have never expected. 


“I am very thankful this holiday season for all the opportunities bestowed upon me - even when I spend many days on the office couch screaming into a pillow and questioning my life choices - because it will all work out in the end. I am thankful for my family and their unwavering support in all my endeavors, big and small. I am grateful for every single friend I have made along the way. While some of us may be in different places in our lives, we are still close as ever as of late. To my doubters and naysayers, I am also thankful for you. You have increased my work ethic and drive, and I hope I am proving you wrong every day. I am thankful for the people the Ram Page has given me. While some I am closer with than others, we are still one unit getting through the changes together, and the memories I have made with all of you are treasured greatly. 


“Lastly, I am thankful for having the ability to do what I do and a support system that is not afraid to continue pushing me in the right direction and be there to pick me up when I fail. I am also very thankful to be able to have the dreams I continue to chase and that my passion has not diminished. Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!”

  - Madelyn Mendoza, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Lead Sports Writer and Sports Editor


 "I'm thankful for my life, my son, my friends, my job, my colleagues, my family and the fate that gave me all I am thankful for."

- Ellada Gamreklidze, Ram Page Adviser


We couldn’t have expressed our sentiments better! From our staff to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

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