Texas is portrayed quite accurately in the remake of "The Longest Yard." The movie combines the revered pastime of football and the legendary Texas prison system. While it is possible the guard violence was pumped up for the film, the movie provides a unique look at inmate vengeance.

The movie was definitely a score for Adam Sandler, who plays ex-football MVP Paul Crewe. Crewe was introduced to prison life after a drunken police chase that resulted in a massive vehicle pile-up.

He soon realizes how much he took life for granted. The guards beat him, the inmates mocked him and the warden had it out for him. And let's not forget about the creepy attention of the warden's decrepit secretary.

Crewe's life shapes up for the better after he is forced to assemble an all-inmate football team as a means of providing practice for the high-ranked guard team. The laughs just keep rolling in after this point. Who would have guessed that the inmates would jump at a chance to reap abuse on the sadistic guards?

The cast alone attracted many to the theaters. Besides the legendary Burt Reynolds, Chris Rock, rapper Nelly, former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin, pro wrestler Bill Goldberg, ex-football star and actor Terry Crews, there were many other well-knowns.

Irvin and Crews' former football days clearly shined through in this film. While Nelly leaned more towards baseball back in the day, he still played an excellent speed demon in the position of running back; he even did many of his own stunts.

The laughs created by this film helped the film win the 2005 BET Comedy Award, with Chris Rock as the outstanding supporting actor. The film also won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Rap Artist in a movie. Sadly, Sandler received only nominations for his comedic role.

Reynolds fans everywhere must have been outraged after he was nominated for worst supporting actor in the Razzie Awards for both this film and the 2005 "Dukes of Hazzard." It must be said that Reynolds definitely stepped down a notch from his leading role in the 1974 version of "The Longest Yard." He did get his moment of glory at the end of the game, but it sadly was nothing memorable.

While the movie is definitely worth watching and maybe even buying, it definitely caters to younger audiences, as is evident with the sexual references and frequent laugh scenes. Did the 2005 film do justice to the original? That is for you to decide.

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