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Winter Olympics excitement comes to an end

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Published: Friday, February 28, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 27, 2014 15:02


Photo by Adam Sauceda

Every four years, during the winter season, the world changes.  The Olympic Games are held in a select country and athletes from around the world compete against each other for 17 days to see who the best is.  

I look forward to this worldwide event not only because I am a personal fan of winter sports, but also because I love seeing such comradery among the young people of the world.  With Sochi being about eight hours ahead of us, I had to avoid all news posts so that I would not find out who had succeeded in winning a medal that day.  

I really do enjoy watching every sport, and every nation compete, but my favorite to watch is snowboard cross.  In this event, there are four competitors who race down a track full of turns and jumps to try and be the first to cross the finish line.  

Now, it doesn’t seem that exciting when I write it, but let me tell you, it is so much fun to watch.  At any moment a snowboarder could take a jump wrong and go down, bringing competitors behind him down.  

I would classify it as the most unpredictable sport in the Olympics.  Of course, most of the games are pretty unpredictable.  You could be the world champion, but one tiny little mess up in the final round can change your score just like that.   

As for  my favorite Sochi moment, I have so many it is hard to choose!  My first would have to be during the men’s biathlon.  While I find this to be one of the weirdest events in the Winter Olympics, it was the announcers that really made it so thrilling.  

In this event, athlete’s cross-country ski with a rifle strapped on their back.  After a certain distance, they come upon a shooting range in which you have to shoot a series of five targets, the size of a golf ball.  You have to shoot once lying down, ski around again, and then shoot standing up.  You would think this would be the most boring “sport” ever to watch, right?  

Well, it is, until you get the most enthusiastic announcer!   This guy was going nuts over the leader, Norway’s competitor Ole Einar Bjoerndalen.  It really just made me so excited for this guy to win!  My second favorite moment or I guess I should say moments would be whenever medals were won.

Overall, Russia came out on top of total medals, being thirty-three, and most gold’s-thirteen.  The United States came in second with 28 total medals and fourth with nine gold’s.   No matter who the winners were, they all embraced each other and you could just feel the excitement and respect that they all had for each other.  

No matter the language they spoke, excitement and joy is all understood.  It’s moments like this that I think there is hope for this world.  With all of the destruction and devastation that goes on in every country, it is nice to see cultures sharing a love for sports and for each other.  
I think that is why I love the Olympics so much, because it pushes away all of the bad that is happening in the world, and brings people together. 

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