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Restaurant Review: Three Parrots Taco Shop

Managing Editor

Published: Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2014 13:02

Three Parrots Taco Shop is not quite what I expected.

I walked in thinking I would be surrounded by the typical sombrero and donkey decorations, but instead was greeted by a freaky tiki statuette.

The place was decorated from floor to ceiling in vibrant island decor.

After my eyes adjusted, I made my way to the cashier’s counter where I was promptly greeted by a friendly girl and a huge surf board with their menu on it.

I was not feeling extremely brave so I played it safe with an enchilada plate and two extra tacos.

The price was higher than I thought, but since their margaritas are $3.25 on Wednesdays, I decided to try one of those too.

The food did not take very long at all with one of the servers yelling my name over the loud chitter-chatter of the rest of the diners talking over their meal.

Once again, the food was not exactly what I expected.

Not that it is a bad thing though. It just is not your traditional Mexican food.

I’ll have to ask, one of these days, where exactly their food is from or inspired by.

With all the tropical decorations and tikis (which actually grew on me quite quickly), maybe they are going for some Caribbean style or something.

I don’t know, but I did enjoy  the variations of my old favorites.

The tacos and the refried beans  mixed with the free queso and chips I received (thanks to Three Parrots ad which can be found in the Ram Page) were my favorite parts of the meal.

Three Parrots is a different flavor, and I look forward to trying the rest of their menu in the future.

Bon Appétit!!

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