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Restaurant Review: Kenny Blanek’s Village Cafe

Managing Editor

Published: Friday, January 24, 2014

Updated: Thursday, January 23, 2014 16:01

When I get homesick for home cooked meals, two men come to mind to cure my ailment: My dad and Kenny Blanek

My old man lives an hour and a half away, so to get a quick fix, I head over to Kenny Blanek’s
Village Café and Catering.

A coworker tried several times to get me to go for lunch to no avail. It finally took a hungry
girlfriend craving pancakes one weekend to “convince” me.

I can say this right now, “IHOP ain’t got nothing on Kenny Blanek,” and I don’t say that easily.

My girlfriend asked for two pancakes and the waitress suggested one because they were so big. She wasn’t lying!

Open all week from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and conveniently located at 2100 W Beauregard Ave, Kenny Blanek’s is just a hop, skip, jump and right turn away from ASU.

The prices are great and easily manageable on a college student’s tight budget. In fact, they
were my favorite thing the first time I went, and I hadn’t ordered yet!

I now consider the service my favorite thing about Kenny Blanek’s. The last time I went,
Kenny Blanek, his wife, and at least one of their daughters were all working.

It was absolutely amazing to see a family working together and something about it made
me feel very comfortable and at home. To top it off, Mr. Blanek personally went to each table
and asked how everything was. As a man who loves his customer service, I was sold.

Where else does the owner of an establishment personally ask you if you are enjoying your meal?

So if you are looking for a freshly prepared home cooked meal or a great spread at the
buffet, give Kenny Blanek’s Village Café and Catering a try. You will not be sorry. Bon Appétit!!

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