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Freshmen reality check; Life catches up with us in a big hurry

Online Editor

Published: Friday, October 26, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 25, 2012 13:10


Photo by Rio Velasquez

     My first semester at ASU has been great!

     Now that we’re right at half-way through the semester, I know many people who haven’t been able to go home yet.

     I’ve been fortunate to be able to head north almost every weekend to see my family, friends and my girlfriend.

     But as it goes, there never seems to be enough time to visit those you are close to when you do get the chance to head back home.

     Even with the blessing of being able to go home so often, I’m still finding that I’m losing contact with some of the friends I never thought I would grow away from.  

     I think we all lived in the state of mind that we’d always have our friends from high school.

 “We’ve been friends since elementary school, we’ll never lose contact!” As I’m sure many freshmen are starting to realize, this is not the case.  

     People go off to different parts of the state (if they are still in the state), and the friends you used to spend every day with are suddenly hours away and busy on their own completely different schedule.

    Then you have the art of the long-distance relationship with that significant other.

 My personal experience with this has had some bumps in the road along the way, but three months into the semester, we’ve made it work.

     I know many people who have tried this and they aren’t so lucky. Some people can make it through and are able to bridge the distance.  

     When I pitched this article to the Ram Page staff, I got some comments from the older staff members like, “Are you going to cry?” and, “Are you going to be okay?”  

     The answer is yes, I certainly will.  

     I found comfort in the fact that as you lose the friendships you had in high school, you gain many more in due time.  

     The friends I’ve met through Ram Band and my jobs are most definitely interesting characters.

     There are really only a couple of friends from high school that I expect I’ll be able to keep in contact with, which is a sad reality, but they are my closest friends who will always have my back.  

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