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Does it ever get old? YES!

...Just my opinion of Valentine's Day


Published: Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2013 16:02


Photo by Rio Velasquez

I remember when I used to think Valentine’s Day was so awesome and that there was no day better than an entire day of being praised by my boyfriend, but my have my thoughts changed.

No, I am not a “Valentine’s Hater” like some people but I feel that it has gotten old. Every year I would see the same old thing, girls dressing up to ‘impress’ their significant other and guys buying  flowers, candy and/or a cute little bear. My eyes have seen too, too, too many years of this sweet day.

In my opinion, a girl or guy should feel significant every day of their relationship. I’m not saying there has to be flowers and chocolate every evening, because of course allergies may be an issue or you may want your teeth to survive a couple more meals before falling to the floor. It’s as simple as opening the door for your girlfriend every now and then, which I rarely see guys do anymore, or bringing her breakfast or coffee when you know she needs it.

The beauty of simplicity has obviously hit me over the head, that and marriage. Maybe it’s the idea of trying to find something new to do in San Angelo, when me and my love have been here together for years, that turns me away from this overrated day ... Whatever it is, it’s wonderful.

I have heard guys say, “Time to break up with her, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.” Is the guy too cheap? Or the girl too expensive? I guess every situation may be different, but why go through the trouble? If you really admire someone and feel that it is a MUST to get them something, try something that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Make them something, but it has to be special. A cake, a song, a card, just to rattle off a few. Use your talent to show them that you care. I feel that a creative gift, if possible using your hobby or talent, is more memorable than a box of chocolate.

There hasn’t been a year since fourth grade that I didn’t have a Valentine’s. Now I am wishing I would have spent more time making myself feel important. And like I said, same old things, so this year I will place that energy, time and money on something more important. Something more valuable; more powerful than those small things ... A massage.

If you are single this year, take the time out to enjoy it. Please don’t lock yourself up in a room to avoid all the couples out there. Be merry. Buy yourself some chocolate and address it as anonymous or secret admirer if you just want that thrill period. Every year can’t be your year for relationships, unless you’re married, than every day should be your Valentine’s Day.

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