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A review of the sappy and funny Super Bowl commercials

Dillon Brollier - Staff Writer

Published: Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2013 16:02


Super Bowl commercials can be divided into two distinct categories: those that compel us with absurd and sometimes obscene humor, and those that captivate our attention by targeting our emotions with laser-point accuracy. While both categories are effective, I prefer commercials that fit into the second category because they stand out and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. The more sap, the better, I say.


#1     It’s no surprise then that my favorite commercial during the Super Bowl is the Budweiser commercial where a horse trainer reunites with the Clydesdale horse that he raised from birth. This commercial, although simple, relates with anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. The iconic Clydesdale horses also clearly identify this commercial as a Budweiser commercial.

#2     Coming in a close second for my favorite Super Bowl commercial is the Dodge commercial featuring Paul Harvey giving a speech about farmers. This commercial really stands out amongst other commercials because of its simplicity. Paul Harvey’s powerful monologue reminds us all about this particular breed of men and women who are easily forgotten about in the media.

#3     One funny commercial that I liked despite its “lack of sap” is Tide’s Joe Montana stain commercial. The story line engages the viewer from discovery of the prized stain to the traumatic climax where they learn of the washed jersey.



When we talk about Super Bowl commercials, we have to think of humor and emotion because those are the best taglines to make a commercial that’s appropriate for all and classic at the same time.

#1     When it comes to pure humor, the pistachio nuts “Gangnam Style” commercial took a play on the popular song to tell people how to crack their nuts. Crack them “Gangnam Style!”

#2     The “Leon Sandcastle” commercial was ingenious, but also semi-frightening. Why you may ask? Because I would not be surprised at all if Deion Sanders and his massive ego tried to come back to play football. The man has a higher opinion of himself than he would the Pope.

#3     However, my favorite commercial is one that I see myself doing in a decade. A guy names Steve is walking past his daughter’s room and she asks him in that cute little girl voice if daddy would please play with her.

He tries to get out of it by saying his buddies are waiting for him. The little one pulls out a bag of nacho cheese Doritos and basically says she can share them with him if he does.

Cut to four guy friends looking for Steve and they see him made over from the Cinderella-like dress, to the lipstick and blush to a tiara while dancing and eating a nacho Dorito.

What’s more surprising is his four friends actually join him in the next shot with Steve’s wife walking in and asking if one of the friends has on her wedding dress. He says…, “Maybe,” to end the funny commercial.

Cut back to me, a guy named Steve, who already has played horsey so many times with little kids that I wonder if I should eat hay. I honestly can see myself in ten years putting on a dress to play with my little munchkin, but only two things.

One, I doubt she’d need to bribe me and two; there is no way I’d wear makeup.

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