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  • DanaChoi Senior Goodbyes: What is after graduation

    Wow. In a little less than a month, certificate in hand, I will have finished my undergraduate career at ASU.

  • LarissaTonder Senior Goodbyes: What is after graduation

    May 10, 2014, cannot come soon enough.

  • AdamSauceda Senior Goodbyes: What is after graduation

    For nine years, I’ve pushed, fought, struggled and clawed my way to a four-year degree.

  • AdamSauceda Restaurant Review: The Grill

    Restaurants range from what I would consider high-class to “Let’s just go through the drive-through so we don’t have to get out of the car.” It’s just not in my nature to try the “classier” joints, but yet again, a friend offered to buy, and I don’t refuse a free meal.

  • AllisonPrice San Angelo continues to have water concerns

    As San Angelo residents, we all know the problem with the water shortage in town. There always seems to be a concern because it rarely rains in San Angelo. The city is not able to collect and save the rainwater. Even when it does rain, there is never enough to go around.

  • AdamSauceda Restaurant Review: Peasant Village

    Being on a college student’s budget, I generally don’t go out to eat when it’s sandwiches on the menu. I just don’t see myself paying so much for a sandwich when, at least in my view, I can buy some meat, cheese, and a loaf of bread for the same price as one sandwich.

  • AdamSauceda Restaurant Review: Nacho’s Restaurant Steaks and More

    Do you ever go out to a place to eat where you eat so much that you just flat out do not feel sexy? I mean, it doesn’t matter what you do. You just feel bloated from overindulging in food? That’s exactly how Nacho’s did my friends and me this past week, and it was oh so delicious.

  • Why we chose ASU: Staff Edition

    April has been designated as “I Chose Angelo State” month and it gives students the chance to recount on why they chose to come to Angelo State.

  • AdamSauceda Restaurant Review: Iggy’s Italian Ice

    I know I usually do these reviews over actual restaurants in San Angelo, but since we are officially into spring now, I think a change of pace is in order. If there’s one thing I enjoy more than a beautiful, warm day for motorcycle riding, it’s a yummy frozen treat, and Iggy’s Italian Ice has just what this motorcyclist ordered.

  • Malaysia flight continues to raise questions

    Malaysia Flight 370 continues to fill headlines, and now people are outraged because of the unanswered questions that still linger. It was reported on Monday, March 24, that families of the passengers were notified that there were no survivors. A red flag that popped up was the methods of communication between the flight and the families.