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SGA prepping for busy semester

Senate looking for new student recruits

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Published: Friday, January 31, 2014

Updated: Thursday, January 30, 2014 16:01

The Student Government Association (SGA) has implemented various projects for ASU and has even more plans in store for this upcoming semester.

Currently, the main focus is to recruit more members to be a part of SGA.

“My main objective is to continue expanding the senate,” J. Connor Frankhouser vice president of the senate said. “Right now, we are probably sixty percent full.”

Hypothetically, SGA is to be comprised of two senators representing each academic department. However, there are many vacant spots within each department.

“It takes a special person with the initiative to want to help their fellow students,” Frankhouser said. “Perhaps the best thing is to be an advocate for the students. Not many people are interested in doing that.”

This semester the senate is looking forward to preparing for the “Rammys.”     

The Rammy Awards ceremony is a play on the Grammy Awards and is an event held in April that honors student organizations.

“I think student organizations are the backbone, so we need to give them a celebration,” Preston Wimberly student  body president and SGA member said.  

In conjunction with Center for Student Involvement, this is a celebration that honors organizations by nominating them in various categories.

The formal evening also consists of swearing in the newly-elected student government president and vice president.

SGA is in the process of forming new ideas, such as, giving a college t-shirt in exchange for an ASU t-shirt to boost school pride, creating a new ASU emblem, and holding a voter drive.

“I think something like a voter drive would be cool for our campus, because a lot of students don’t get registered,” Wimberly said.

“SGA is a voting entity and I would like to get students signed up to vote and learn a little bit more about San Angelo.”

Other plans for SGA consist of continuing past projects such as Adopt-a-Hallway and the Student Discount Service.

Adopt-a-Hallway allows organizations to help keep a hallway clean by picking up trash and recycling. In return for doing so, the organization advertises their name on a plaque in that hallway.

The Student Discount Services is another ongoing project that SGA wishes to inform more students about. The service allows students to receive numerous discounts throughout the community.

The student government embodies the voice of the students. They execute new projects to help better the life of those that occupy ASU. It gives one the opportunity to get a real life hands on experience by serving on committees.

Email to learn more about SGA and to have your voice and ideas heard.

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