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Pikes help fight cancer

Organization looks to raise prostate cancer awareness


Published: Friday, November 16, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 17:11

     After breast cancer awareness month, members of Pi Kappa Alpha are working to raise awareness of a different form of cancer.

     Nearly 8,590 men will be diagnosed with and 360 men will die of cancer of the testis in 2012 according to the National Cancer Institute.

     “We are fond of this cause because women’s cancer garners the lion’s share of attention with the popular campaigns such as October’s Breast Cancer awareness month, while men’s cancer issues, which are just as serious and life threatening fall by the wayside,” Pike President Connor Frankhouser said.

     “Movember” is an organization that raises funds to give toward programs that are run by its partners, including the Prostate Cancer Institute and Livestrong.

     The fund raising goal for this year is at least $150, Frankhouser said.

     “Last year, internationally, nearly $80 million was raised through “Movember’s” organization, and I want us to be able to contribute as much as we can to that,” pike member Adam Washing ton said.

     While gathering money for research is a goal, the main point of “Movember” is to increase awareness of tentacular cancer.

     “We have had decent success in the past, especially in the areas of increasing awareness and recognition for “Movember,” Frankhouser said.

     Washington said that even simply getting more people aware of other types of cancer will suffice if the monetary gains are not significant.

     “I want to see a ton of student participation,” Washington said. “I want to see all the guys growing their moustaches out, and even if girls want to go around with fake moustaches. It would be an attention-getter for sure.”

     Booths will be set up in between the UC and Porter Henderson Library on Nov. 20 and 27 from 9 to 11 a.m. for people to make donations or to show their support.

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