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Obama sets sights on college campus sexual assaults

App can help prevent assaults

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Published: Friday, January 31, 2014

Updated: Thursday, January 30, 2014 15:01

President Barack Obama launched an initiative Wednesday, January 22 against the sexual assault epidemic on college campuses.

Obama assigned a newly formed task force of college administrators 90 days to formulate a list of recommendations on preventing and responding to college sexual assaults, reported The Associated Press.

“I definitely believe that it was the right decision,” Counselor Director Cleave Pool said. “Bringing this issue to light and educating everyone, males and females, about this issue is the best preventative.”   

Pool said he has been a part of the counseling center for 13 years and has seen many different cases that deal with sexual assault.

“Female college students need to realize that they are vulnerable to sexual assault, not just walking alone at night, but also on dates and at parties,” he said. “[They need] to know how to protect themselves from being victimized.  Sexual assault prevention has been one of our Counseling Services office’s primary focuses in student education programs on the campus.”

The most common statistics shows one in five female college students are sexually assaulted in some manner during college but only 12 percent of those students actually report the assault.  

If the 12 percent statistic is true, you can see that it is impossible to know how many college females are actually victimized since the majority never report it.     

“The only time I feel uncomfortable is at night and when I am walking alone,” sophomore Theresa Felts said. “However most of the time I am usually with someone, so I never feel afraid. I haven’t really heard anything about sexual assaults on the ASU campus, so I feel pretty safe here.”     

Pool said the LifeLine app is an excellent tool for students.

It is a free application for smart phones to help prevent assaults.

“All female [and  male] ASU students should use it.”

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