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Fraternities Reach Out

Students opened to traditions

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, January 31, 2014

Updated: Thursday, January 30, 2014 16:01

ASU fraternities held an event last week to better educate those interested in learning what each fraternity has to offer.

“Kappa Delta Rho just started last year and it has been easy to attract new members,” Rylan Haecker said.

Kappa Delta Rho is offering the opportunity for members to become part of something that has never been done before in becoming a legacy and creating traditions, he said.

Every fraternity has something special about them that makes them different and unique from the rest, Haecker said.

“Being a part of the TKE fraternity has been the greatest experience of my life,” Jacob Tschirhart said.

This year the TKE’s will be raising funds for St. Jude’s by doing push-ups for 50 cents, he said.

“There are over 260,000 alumni all over the world and members in over 300 campuses including Canada and Germany,” Tschirhart said.

Being a TKE will improve members and make them better men, they will gain leadership skills and build unbreakable bonds, he said.

“The best thing about being a PKE is the bond we all share with each other, becoming a better man and the meaningful experiences you have,” senior Ares Parker said.

Being a PKE is about being a part of something greater than yourself, there is even a program that educates new members on the traditions of being a PKE, he said.

“Being a part of any fraternity is a great way to improve as an individual and have amazing experiences during one’s college years,” Parker said.

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