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Standing for Liberty

Young Americans for Liberty hope to draw the attention of students.

Features Editor

Published: Friday, November 16, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012 18:11

     While seeking and agreeing with views of both political parties, Young Americans for Liberty is aimed at supporting liberty and standing by the phrase, good ideas don’t require force.

      “We started in 2008, and [the organization] has been building since then,” senior Jordan Oakes said. “Now we have several chapters nationwide.”

     According to, the Young Americans for Liberty is not a new beginning but a continuation of the youth movement that is already brewing in the country.

     “We want to educate people about liberty,” senior TJ Turk said. “We want to help create leaders that will steer the direction of our government from where it is going.”

     Both Turk and Oakes said they joined the Young Americans for Liberty to further their intellect about politics. Turk said he began to understand different forms of economics and once he learned, he wanted to show other people what he had found.

     “I consider myself a voluntarist and I joined this organization because I feel like it is the best way to spread the ideas of liberty,” Oakes said. “You have to ask yourself if you want to live in a society that is voluntary based or rather, live with corrosion and extortion.”

     Turk and Oakes met with other students and took a trip to Iowa last December and January to volunteer with the Ron Paul campaign, Oakes said.

     “We went to Iowa and they had just started elections so we helped in any way we could,”

Oakes said. “That is how we meet other members. We figured that there are other [students] who can think like us and want something to learn.”

     Young Americans for Liberty understands both liberal and conservative issues and agrees with some from both sides, Turk said.

     “[People] have been disillusioned by the political parties that we have now,” Turk said. “Most people are identified as either being fiscally conservative or socially liberal. [As the Young Americans for Liberty,] we can draw Democrats and Republicans.”

     With the hopes of getting more students to join, the organization wants to bring in speakers and host a couple movie nights, Turk said. Young Americans for Liberty has also been talking about a free speech wall on campus.

     “The large wall right outside of the UC could work and [students] could write whatever they wanted,” Oakes said.

     Every major university is known to have the Young Americans for Liberty organization, and the chapter at ASU hopes to meet with those groups Oakes said.

     Young Americans for Liberty are ready to teach other students about liberty and if you are interested in joining the organization, contact TJ Turk at

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