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Six Market Blvd taking the stage in San Angelo

Six Market Blvd. from Stephenville returns to San Angelo to perform

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Published: Friday, November 9, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 14:11


Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Brian


Photo courtesy of Kimberly Brian

     Stephenville - based band, Six Market Blvd, will come to San Angelo to perform Saturday Nov. 10 at Blaine’s Pub on Bryant Blvd.

     “[Performing] is exciting, surreal and humbling,” lead singer Clayton Landau said. “It is one thing to get in front of people and perform, but it’s another to get in front of people and have them sing your songs back to you.”

     Six Market Blvd formed four years ago, and they have two released albums along with performances spread across Texas and Oklahoma.

     “We all met through a combination of going to Tarleton State University in Stephenville and attending open mic night,” Landau said.

     The band’s first show was at a Fourth of July party, and that kicked off their career, harmony and bass player Ben Hussey said.

     “A big group of our friends came to watch us perform at Lake LBJ,” Landau said. “For us to travel four hours was exciting. We were [anxious] to set up and pumped to learn the ropes as we went. It felt like we were big time.”

     Six Market Blvd is classified as Americana/ Folk Music even though they are in the Texas country market, Landau said.

     “Folk music is kind of where we fit,” Landau said. “Americana travels nation to worldwide so we are able to expand our songs.”

     The feeling the band members get when performing in front a large crowd is unbelievable and a blessing, Landau said.

     “It is crazy to see people enjoy something we created out of an idea,” Hussey said. “Seeing the way people react as we play is neat.”

     Landau and Hussey co-write the bands songs Landau said.

     “Clayton was one of the few [musicians] writing original songs,” Hussey said. “As a song writer myself, I appreciated Clayton’s approach to writing.”

     The band members’ families began to watch Six Market Blvd perform once their band took off, Landau said.

     “[Family] comes when they can,” Hussey said. “This past St. Patrick’s Day there was a festival in Fort Worth that we played at. It was family friendly so my family was able to come out, and it was great to see them there.”

     Landau said he can recall the first time the band heard one of its songs on the radio.

“We were driving down the highway to a gig in Lubbock, and we heard one of our songs play on the radio,” Landau said. “We couldn’t believe it was on the radio. Not only were we hearing it, but whoever else was listening to that station at the time heard it.”

     Six Market Blvd is re-releasing their second album, Shake It Down, Nov. 20 with an additional bonus track, Landau said.

     “When we released the album [the first time] we got a great response,” Landau said. “There was a large amount of sales. We are hoping that the re-release will get more people involved. Not only are our fans involved, the people working with us are involved and want to help in every way possible.”

     The support from the fans is vital  to the bands success and it encourages them to continue to perform Hussey said.

     “Keep supporting live music,” Hussey said. “We would not be able to do what we do without our fans. The longer we keep [performing] the better.”

     When Six Market Blvd. first formed, they set goals hoping to achieve each one as the band grew, Landau said.

     “When we started, we had a handful of goals and we have already achieved most of those goals,” Hussey said. “Now we are going to have to think of new ones. We are really grateful for the support.”

     Six Market Blvd’s 2013 tour will kick off in Steamboat Springs, Colorado at the MusicFest making the beginning of their tour over the top, Landau said.

     “This is going to be great,” Hussey said. “[The band] has been to [the MusicFest] before to see what it is like. It is a real honor to be asked to play. We have lots of friends that will be performing also, so spending a week with them in the mountains will be fun.”

     Be sure to check out for information about the band and their Facebook and Twitter page.

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