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Baptist Student Ministry holds 5K Paint Run

BSM hosts Paint Run as fund-raiser for future missions

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Published: Friday, November 2, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 1, 2012 18:11


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     The Baptist Student Ministry is hosting Saturday, Nov. 10 its first 5K Paint Run on campus as a fund-raiser to benefit BSM missions.

     “This is a 5K, and at every K there are going to be people with different colored powder made from cornstarch, which is environmentally safe,” BSM Missions Coordinator Kimberly Skiles said. “Then they will throw [the powder] on you as you run by. By the end [of the race, runners] will be covered in different colors.”

     BSM had a 5K run last year, but it was not successful, she said. Adding color to the run was an idea that BSM saw on social media sites.

     “We decided to add the color because it will make the race more of an interest to students,” Skiles said.

     The student body is encouraged to take part in the run even if they are not a part of BSM, Skiles said.

     “A lot of students are nervous to take part in certain events especially if they don’t know much about the organization hosting it or about the event itself,” freshman Kenia Cruz said. “There is always those first few [people] who decide to do it and that pushes other students to attend.”

     Since this is the first year for the Paint Run there will be no prizes given away, Skiles said.

“We are having photographers at the event,” she said. “We are hoping to sell before and after shots of students as well as CDs of the whole [run]. Students can still get something out of the event. We will also have official timers if you want to know your official time.”

     There is not a particular goal set for the run since this is the first year for the event, Skiles said.

“All Texas BSM’s do missions through an organization called Go Now,” Skiles said. “Our yearly goal as a BSM is $3,500, and we give that money to Go Now. The money we raise at the Paint Run will go towards our yearly goal as an organization.”

     This run is supposed to be fun for students, and there are hopes for a good turnout Skiles said.

“I think this run will be something different and [enjoyable],” Cruz said. “If [students] saw their friends participating in the race then they too would want to be in the run also.”

     Registration forms can be found in the Baptist Student Center or students may e-mail for a digital copy, Skiles said.

     “Registration costs $15 for students and $25 for non-students,” Skiles said. “Each person registered will receive a white shirt saying BSM Mission Paint Run 2012 with the BSM logo.”

     Volunteers are still needed for the paint run and interested students can contact the Baptist Student Center, she said.

     “If you want to throw colored powder on people then you can volunteer and we will place you at a station,” Skiles said. “Volunteers also receive a shirt.”

     The colored powder will wash out of clothes, but Skiles said the BSM hopes to turn the shirts into something participants will be able to wear on a daily basis.

     “We are hoping the week after the run to do a tie-dye party so you can tie-dye your Paint Run shirt,” Skiles said.

     If this Paint Run goes well, the BSM plans to have another run next year, Skiles said.

     “We plan to make this an annual [event],” she said. “Next year we may hold the run in the spring so that it will not be so cold.”

     The BSM is a student ministry on campus dedicated to helping ASU students connect with God, each other and the world, according to the BSM Facebook page.

     For more information visit the BSM Facebook page or stop by the Baptist Student Center on Johnson Street.

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