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Unsolved Mysteries

By Jessica Garcia

Published: Friday, October 29, 2004

Updated: Saturday, September 11, 2010 08:09

San Angelo may not seem like a scary place, but the number of ghost sightings and the paranormal activity that has occurred in this west Texas town continues to grow.

Fort Concho, Reagan Elementary, Sunset Mall and ASU are all on the list for "haunted places in San Angelo," according to

Director of Fort Concho Robert Bluthardt said there have been two separate ghosts sighted at the fort, which is 40-acres wide and houses 24 buildings.

A young child named Edith Grierson has been sighted in the Officer's Quarters No. 1 at night, he said, but she died on Sept.9, 1878, from an illness.

In addition to Grierson, buffalo soldiers have been seen walking along No. 5 and No.6 barracks; specifically, a Sgt. Fletcher has been recognized. Fletcher was the first sergeant in the 16th Infantry.

"These ghosts have been seen by sane people," Bluthardt said.

However, Bluthardt hasn't seen one himself.

Neither has Jamie Highsmith, public information and staff development employee for the San Angelo Independent School District, in reference to the haunting at Reagan Elementary.

"The district does not maintain any information about ghosts or the paranormal," she said.

Reagan Elementary is home to the murder of two cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders haunt the girl's bathroom where they were killed, and even the janitorial staff fears the ghosts, the Web site said.

Miss Hattie's Bordello may not be the site of a murder, but strange things have been recorded as happening in the museum.

According to the Web site, there have been items moved from one room to another each night, for example, a pair of shoes.

Ghosts are even inescapable at the mall.

In one of the closets of the old Luby's restaurant in Sunset Mall, two children can be heard playing and talking, the Web site said.

The Sunset Mall Management office, however, had no knowledge of this matter and could not comment.

There is one ghostly tale that can be given a first-hand account by ASU's very own Ram Page staff.

At ASU, the murder and memory of Leandra Morales in the Hardeman Building in 1978 continues to haunt the university.

Morales was killed by a fellow student who was smitten with her, and then killed her when she denied his advances.

Members of the Ram Page staff have said the Hardeman Building was indeed haunted. Winston Hall, a columnist for the paper last year, included in his research of the haunted building accounts of "footsteps in the hallway, reflections of hazy apparitions appearing behind them while on the staircase, and even ‘cold spots' in the hallway."

The Ram Page staff, however, is now located in the third story of the library and there have been no appearances of Leandra … yet.

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